(dedicated to my son Jason Potters)


Verse 1

Life is such a gift
And you just need to take it
Life is like a fruit
So tasteful and so sweet
It’s so gentle and so great
But sometimes I don’t know

Verse 2

Life is like a tree
It has to grow so feed it
Love you cannot hide
And you will never beat it
Leading it’s own special way
You’re born and raised into a man

Interlude solo piano

Refrain :
Cause we will always be just friends
Until the end of time
Just you are the one that means so much to me
I dedicated my heart
You are my lovely one
Life has a way that’s wonderful
Each day I love you

Verse 3

Life is just a game
And many rules to play with
Life is like a flame
That burns eternal light
All the stars and moons recall
When you came in our world

Verse 4

Life is like a bird
That flies away towards freedom
You might understand
When rain is falling down
And I see twinkles in your eyes appear